Cyberlobe Technologies launched “4 Pic Puzzle Bollywood game” a new iPhone App for our die hard Bollywood lovers all over the sphere. This puzzle lets our brain have some fun. Game raises lot of good points and specially references the ideas of the Bollywood. Packed with variety of levels, 4 Pic puzzle tests your “B” knowledge!

The game portrays 4 pictures of any Bollywood movie, actor, actress, singer, producer and many more. Users have to guess the correct answer based on those 4 clues. Game might sounds easy but there are several tricky images which makes the game interesting.

Additionally, they’ll make it easier for you by giving you empty boxes that represents the characters, along with a bunch of letters to choose from. Pictures will give you hint about the guessing word. If you are stuck on any level you can choose to see the correct answer or remove some irrelevant characters. You can buy coins if you are short of it. The game comes with many in app purchase options to choose from for buying coins.

This game will scratch your head for some time to find the right answer. There are 4 levels with 25 puzzles in each level. Additionally game contains a bonus level which displays at every 8 hours. This game is based on Hindi movies, Bollywood actors, actresses and stars which everyone loves.

So get ready to play the game alone or with your family and friends and measure your “B” quotient. Download today from the Apple store and get going.

Outstanding features

  1. First ever puzzle game on Bollywood
  2. Fun and super exciting
  3. Play anywhere, everywhere
  4. Tests your Bollywood knowledge
  5. Great user loving interface
  6. So many in app purchases to choose from
  7. Share with your friends
  8. Support available

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