Good News for Apple Fans and iOS App Developers!

Apple announces iOS Beta 9.3 Software Update for iPhone and iPad in beginner days of 2016. The Company regularly releases Beta versions of its OS and as we know, Apple rolled out iOS 9.2 last month, on 8th Dec. Now, with the final version of the iOS 9, Apple has just released iOS 9.3 Beta on 12th January, 2016 to its iPhone App Developers and public beta testers.

Read on to find out everything you need to know iOS 9.3. We will discuss the exciting features in iOS 9, from Night mode to touch ID and Support Carplay to Education Upgrades. Apple has adds several consumer facing features like sleep pattern, better tailored news app, multiuser mode to the iPad for education customers, multiple user to the single iPhone, additional Carplay features, and many more.

IOS 9.3 Beta Important New Features

Night Shift Mode – This feature is for the one who had trouble using iPhone while in Bed. It will works on clock and geolocation features to figure out when it’s sunset and shift the display colors to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes.

Touch ID for your Private Notes – Through this feature, you can make your private details such as sensitive informations, password, account details more secure with make it accessible using Touch ID.

More Personalised News App – Apple’s News App will be more customizable to a person’s interest. ‘For You’ section suggests trending topics and Editors’ Picks and you can view everything in landscape.

Better access to Health App – Health app now reflects information from the Apple Watch’s activity app and also recommentds third party apps.

New 3D Touch Shortcuts – Apple has included some new 3D Touch shortcuts for its Weather, Health, App Store and settings.

Updated Carplay – Carplay adds more powerful feature For You from Apple music and improves the Map App with Nearby stops such as Parking, Restaurants etc.

Multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone – This feature supports for more than one connected Apple Watch per iPhone. So, now Apple Watch owners can pair multiple devices to one iPhone

Education Upgrade for iPad – Apple introduce new classroom App allows teachers to guide and keep track of students. By adding up, Apple School Manager allow complete access and control to admins.

Apple also highlights this update previewing on a website. For now, the iOS 9.3 Beta available for developers who integrated to iPhone Application Development Services and should become available for general public in the near future.