On 18th April 2014, Cyberlobe Technologies launched a fascinating free puzzle game named ’4 Pic Puzzle – Bollywood Game’ for thousands of hindi cinema lovers across the planet. This game is already on IOS platform and has been ported over Google Play Store. Now, iPhone as well as Android users can enjoy this picture puzzle game. This game is uniquely associated on the key of Bollywood.

This magnificent game depicts clues of 4 artistic interpretations of popular Bollywood movie, actor, actress, singers and many others. User has to guess the accurate answer from clues. Some clues are tricky but it makes you engrossed in unbelievable fun. Furthermore, the picture game is easier for you as it contains desolate small boxes which constitutes of characters. User has to choose from the character to make the applicable Bollywood word. This intellectually challenging game gives your brain little work out.

If you are unable to guess any word in between levels, you can choose the options of correct answers or remove the irrelevant characters. You also have the option to buy the coin from in app purchase options available. Besides this, the game contains Bonus level which is revealed to the user after every 8 hours and as a result it becomes the card to earn 4 coins for FREE.

This picture puzzle game is encapsulated with different levels. It tests your Bollywood knowledge in the most gratifying approach to attain the perfect scores. The clues can be tough sometimes but with little imagination, you can efficiently guess the word. There are 6 levels with 25 puzzles in each level. So, Android users get FREE Bollywood game today in your device and start playing.