What’s In My Bag – A fun way to manage your purse

It had been a stressful month for the team working on this awesome app and finally it’s the show time now. On 20th February Cyberlobe released a universal app designed especially for women. The team feels great to share with you their experience about creating this app. So let’s begin the journey…



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Check out some cool shortcuts in WordPress

First of all How to Turn ON the shortcuts !!!

Go to Profile panel in Administration > Users > Your Profile. Check the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox to enable WordPress keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.

List of Shortcuts!!! (more…)

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Can Google’s ”Penguin” provide an “Equal Level field”?

World’s largest search engine Google is in the headlines again and this time it’s for the launch of its latest algorithm:”Penguin”

Before its original launch which was on 24th April, 2012, there was buzz about the name of this algorithm. Some mentioned it as “Over Optimization Penalty” while some gave it a name “Webspam Algorithm Update” but finally Google named it “Penguin”. (more…)

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