Whenever new Xcode version release or any new OS releases apps developed with the swift language are needed to convert to the new swift version. There might be syntax changes or any bugs solving or something done in the swift language which requires apps to be updated with latest stable version.

Now, in this case, developers often try to make compatibility by manually running app & finding the bugs. Now, this process consumes more time & sometimes it takes too long to debug & find the exact solution. Overall it becomes tidy process & not exactly what Apple prefers.

So here are the proper steps to perform the process:

First of all, open your project into latest Xcode version & make sure don’t run it the first time.

Go to Edit -> Convert -> To current swift syntax

This will open hierarchy of files. Make sure there will be all files selected with a check mark which you wants to convert to latest swift syntax. If any files not selected or you don’t want that to a concert than manually uncheck it. Then clicking on done will do the rest of the work.

Note :

In new swift version, latest swift conversion process works perfectly & don’t require actually to manually resolve any errors. But still, there could be the chance of any errors skipped by the compiler or unable to detect the difference will keep remain & can show an error so that requires handling manually.