Hello beauties. We all know that the best fashion clothes never go out of style, and jeans are the perfect example. Almost every girl have a pair of jeans in their closet. But sometimes, we are getting bored to wear same jeans frequently and want to throw them away, right!

Wait! Don’t feel down, you can give those old jeans a new fashionable touch and transform them into trendy pieces. All you need are your old jeans, some fabric scraps, laces, sewing machine, scissors, studs, thread and pins.

Here I shared some interesting and easy DIY ideas that revamp your old jeans.

Ripped jeansripped-jeans

You can rip your old jeans at home and give them a new look rather than buy new ripped jeans. Lay your jeans on a flat floor, and mark with lines on the areas with fabric chalk that you want to cut.Use scissor and start with little cuts.Use your scissors or hands to tug on the threads to create a more casual and frayed look.

Things you need: fabric chalk, scissor

Tip: Medium wash jeans give the best look.

Distressed jeans

distressed-jeansYou can distress your old jeans with the help of sandpaper and sharped edge tools like blade, razor or scissor. You need to do small holes in areas where you want distress your jeans. Then use sandpaper to make edges rough.

Things you need: sand paper, blades, scissors, shaving razor

Tip: Wash your jeans with cold water make distressed area more intensive.

Tie die jeans

tie-die-jeansThis technique is more useful for dirty old jeans as it helps you hide muddy areas and unremovable marks. To get tie die jeans, you need to tie together bunches of it with small rubber bands. Bunch area with different sizes looks more creative. Keep your jeans into dye (follow the instructions of dye kit) or you can squirt the color on the fabric.

Things you need: rubber band, tie dye kit

Tip: You will get best result with wet fabric, so give your jeans a wash first.

Painted jeans

painted-jeansThis pattern looks more effective on dark wash jeans. You need acrylic paint and brushes to paint your jeans. For complete your print with more perfection, use different sponge brush for different colors. Splat white fabric color with the help of paintbrush all over your jeans. Now, start to draw with the black paint on selected area (lower leg, around the front-back pockets) of your jeans. Use different colors to design around black base lines. Use sponge brush or flower shaped laces to make it more creative.

Things you need: Fabric paints, paint brush, sponge brush

Tip: Use different shades of color for 3D effect.

Galaxy jeans

galaxy-jeansMake your old jeans shines with starts. Yes, its a fun and easy to make Galaxy jeans. This technique works on dark jeans. Spray bleach on the jeans, which will start appearing orange spots. Use acrylic paint of blue, purple or white color and apply them around orange coloured area with sponge brush. Now, dip toothbrush into white paint and pull the bristles back with your fingers to create sparkling star effect. Do only one side at a time and repeat the whole process for the other side of the jeans.

Things you need: spray bottle, acrylic paint, toothbrush, sponge, bleach

Tip: Make your look more attractive by wearing plain tops with galaxy jeans

Studded Jeans

studded-jeansThis technique is very quick and easy to redesign your jeans. You can put decorative material like studs, pearls or beads to give old jeans a new look. You can experiment to place studs on different areas of you jeans like pockets, the cuffs, waist band, cut-offs, down the leg etc. You can make different pattern by arranging these beads in different directions. You can either stick studs with hot glue gun or use thread-needle to put them.

Things you need: golden studs, pearls, beads, rhinestone, hot glue gun, thread and needle, scissor

Tips: Glitter tops look more beautiful with studded jeans

Patterned jeans

You can experience with different patterns like polka dots, animal pattern, lace design or lip-shaped to give your jeans a new look. Make stencils by cutting out different patterns on a piece of paper. Place stencil on jeans paint with sponge brush. Remove the stencil when the paint is dry. Repeat the process all over the jeans to add texture to whole jeans. You can use pencil-eraser to design polka dots jeans. You can also dip paint brush into bleach or dotting tool to turned your jeans fashionable.

Things you need: bleach, paint brush, fabric paint, lace, sponge brush, piece of paper, stencil

Tip: Bleach the bottom of your jeans and use a sharpie to create a tribal pattern.

Lace jeans

laced-jeansSpice up your old jeans with this simple and elegant way. You can place lace over the cuffs, end of the jeans or pockets. There are two ways to attach laces either stitched them or stick with the help of hot glue gun. White laces look more attractive on any pair of jeans. You can also cut or distress your jeans and put lace over there. You can also try cutting your jeans into shots and place laces on the side of your jeans.

Things you need: Floral patterned lace, hot glue gun, thread and needle, scissor

Tips: Reinvent your white jeans with a sharpie and some lace.

Cuff jeans

cuff-jeansThis is the coolest way to keep your jeans looks trendy. Just turn the jeans inside out, put the piece of cloth which must covered area from bottom to mid calf and sewed the fabric. Now its read to wear! Turn your jeans right side out and roll up the cuffs, you will meet the new trendy look of your jeans in front of your mirror.

Things you need: handkerchief or small piece of cloth with pattern, thread and needle

Tip: You can tun back them in original style by roll them down

Bow jeans


You can formed bows on the side of your jeans. Make equally distanced horizontal cuts on side of jeans. Take the fabric between two cuts and stick them with hot glue at the middle. Take a strip of denim or some different color material and wrap around the scrunched part. Repeat the same process until all bows performed.

Things you need: fabric chalk, scissor, hot glue gun

Tip: Use different color material for wrap the scrunched part to add more creation.

Now, It’s time to Say Goodbye to your old jeans 🙂

Ready to redesign them?! Use these creative ideas and make your friend surprised by showing off refashion them like new. Give your jeans a makeover to make them trendy for this season.

Keep updated yourself with latest trends!