About iOS Development

Being an iOS developer, we feel excited to do the innovative things. There is  always a scope for something new depending on developer capabilities & level of thinking.

But at the same time it also have millions of challenges in the application development like, whether it is compatible with latest iOS versions, working on lower versions as well and many more. We also need to keep in mind about future iOS versions for it’s easy adaptability. In short it should have always a scope for the future aspects.

Quick & easy tips that will help you:

  1. Always prefer to use ARC based during iOS Development. This will reduce the half of your work to reduce the memory usage
  2. Less Usage of nib files, will always decrease the memory load.
  3. Always use custom controls rather than drag & drop to can remove it when not in use.
  4. “Simplicity is the best virtue”, The evergreen quote which is true for iOS development too. The more simplified code will lessen the complexity.
  5. Use Pragma Symbols in code to separate the functions.
  6. Use standard naming convention. You need to keep in mind one thing that variable, methods or file whatever you create must be present in their characteristics. For ex: you are taking string variable to store name than you should name it like: “strName”.
  7. Make methods to use same code multiple places.
  8. Take a copy before you do any major experimental change in your code.
  9. Remove Breakpoints, Logs once used. Also remove commented & unused methods.
  10. Use Loops & Switch rather using fix entries to minimize & arrange the code.
  11. Use @autoreleasepool arc doesn’t work. This will ensure the secure release once the task is done.
  12. Use Plist for small data storage.
  13. Use Sprite sheets where it is possible.
  14. Find & resolve memory level warnings.
  15. Don’t block the main thread.