Why Wampserver is used?

Any website that uses server-side language such as Apache, PHP and MySQL requires a local server to run before make it live. Developer will need local server environment  to test changes rather than on web server.

Wampserver or WAMP is a local server package for Windows system. Its main purpose is to run test applications before being uploaded on to the web server.

Below you shall find steps to install WAMP on your PC.

Step 1: Download Wamp server


Go to http://www.wampserver.com/en/ and download the WAMP server according to your computer’s configurations.

Step 2: Install the software

Once downloaded, go to the location where it saved and double click it to start the installation. You will meet welcome screen with pops up to click next. Click next to continue the installation.


When you click next, you will be asked to accept the license agreement. Its a GPL (General Public License), so accept it and go ahead.

Step 3: Choose Destination Location

Next window will see the select destination location. The default location will be c:/wamp. You can change the location, where you would like to install Wamp on another drive.

Note: Your drive must have free space of atleast 258.7 MB.

Step 4: Add shortcuts

installing-wamp-5The next screen after choosing the directory is the select additional tasks screen. Select quick launch icon added to the taskbar or  for desktop from the options given.

Step 5: Ready to Install


Now, next window shown ready to install screen. Make sure about to choose options are fine before confirm the installation. You can backtrack and change setting if require. Once you checked your setup choices, click Install to continue.

installing-wamp-7Next screen is the progressive step, where the installation script will start extracting files to the directory or location you specified on step 3.

Step 6: Choose default browser


At this stage, Wamp asks you to select your default browser. It defaults to Internet Explorer, if your default browser is opera, safari, firefox or chrome then navigate your ways to choose .exe file of browser you want. And click open to continue.

installing-wamp-10In next window, it will showing you process bar of the setup installation.

Step 7: PHP Mail Parameters


After the setup process is completed, the next window will appear to ask you to set the PHP mail parameters. In most cases, people leave these two sets defaults. So, click  next for next step.

Step 8: Installation completed


Well, here it is! We have just completed the whole process of installing Wamp server on your computer. Check the box of launch Wamp server and click finish button. WAMP is now installed on your computer.

Step 9: Test

wampserver-homepageOnce you’ve installed Wamp server, next step is to test your installation working properly by going to local host in your address bar. If everything has gone in a right way, then you will be able to view the WAMP information page.

Step 10: Run

When Wamp is running, it shall be displayed as an icon in red, orange or green color on your task bar. In above image, you can see screenshots with different colored icon. These colored icon indicates about the software performance. Green color shows, everything is working properly. Orange color shows Apache is not configured correctly. And, if the icon is red means that the WAMP server is not running.

In this way you can easily install the WAMP server on your computer.

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