Buzzing the News from Social Media!

Most famous app for Photo-sharing, Instagram officially rolls out support for power users and advertisers. After months of testing, Instagram introduce new feature with which users can switch among up to 5 different accounts rather than logging in and out from the same device.

This latest feature is available in Instagram version 7.15 for both iOS and Android. It will make the platform easier to use for people with personal and business accounts. It will be great news for social media marketing managers and advertisers, as now they can manage multiple accounts easily by login or logout of all accounts with a single action.

instagram new feature

Steps to enable multiple account feature:

  • Go to your Profile in the App

  • Select options that shows on the top right corner.

  • Choose ‘Add Account’ listed as an option

  • Tap and enter your details to log in to another Instagram account.

  • You can switch between accounts by tapping your username at the top of the app.

An instagram spokesperson told on online publisher that “We recognize that advertisers have a variety of creative resources and want to bring more choice to help them reach their business goals,”. It’s more beneficial for those who use it as a major communication system to their targeted audience. Instagrammers can manage accounts by pressing on their username. In addition, this rich feature will save user seconds everyday.

Are you addicted to Instagram? Do you have multiple accounts? Than don’t be late to take an advantage of Instagram’s newest feature.