It was a wonderful evening at the Cyberlobe party. All enjoyed so much that nobody was willing to go home. Cyberlobe team was invited to a very famous theme resturant in Ahmedabad “Rajwadu”.

Beautiful village ambience and warm welcome by the resturant staff touched everyone’s heart. The resturant was lit with low light lamps , fresh flowers, traditional idols and ancient swings. 

The people wore traditional Rajasthani dresses with turbans over there head. We were welcomed with fresh roses and headed towards the restaurant portion. There was puppet show , a clay maker and a library of Gujarati books.

We were offered ancient style seats which were decorated with colorful Bandhanis. Rajasthani dances and Bhajans filled the environment. The food was amazing!!! Along with it was a great hospitality, offered by the restaurant staff which left a lasting imperssion on both mind and taste buds.

Finally we bid each other good bye, taking with us wonderful memories and wishing Cyberlobe a great success.