Bachelors and singles that stay away from their home or are far away from their home country have the biggest trouble of managing time and food. They miss their home made food taste and also sometimes they need to cook something really quick and easy to curb instant hunger.

Cyberlobe Technologies launches “Bachelor Recipes”, a quick and easy recipe guide for bachelors which shall help them manage homely taste in food and also time.

How to use “Bachelor Recipes” App:

For knowing the list of ingredients of any recipes, you can click on Ingredients

For preparing any recipes, you can click on method and follow the simple steps

For preparing the grocery list of ingredients, just click on grocery list and it will give detail analysis in terms of brands, place, quantity and comments and thus helps like your guide.

Some of the unique features about Bachelor Recipes are:

  • Bachelor Recipes brings to bachelors and singles some easy and quick recipes which they can try themselves
  • Real quick and easy recipes to save time
  • Keeps you self dependent and helps avoiding outside foo
  • The recipes chosen are a mix of instant foods, daily Indian meals and some easy deserts which are prepared in every home
  • The app has a suggested categorized grocery listing which helps you with grocery shopping
  • Product buying suggestions with quantity, brand, place to buy and special comments
  • Works for both iPhone and iPad devices
  • Striking and user friendly GUI

You can download the app from the iTunes Store from here. Or visit the official website page Bachelor Recipe