Achieving new look is just not that easy task. How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear” or you absolutely hate wearing the same clothes over and over again?

Developing that perfect look may take some time, but it is totally worth it. If you wish to revive your style, download Closet Love app. These days, technology can help you to style your look and revamp your closet, so that you can keep it organised. You can also be a fashion icon and style statement with Closet Love app!!

How Closet Love app helps in styling you!!!

This app works as a digital wardrobe stylist and helps you in developing the look based on what is in your closet. Closet Love is an app for iPhone and iPad that makes easy to take pictures of your outfits, save them to categories of your choice. You can place the outfits on the style board in the app and create your own look. No need to go to your physical wardrobe. You can also save that look and track the details when it was last worn. This saves your time messing up with clothes in your closet and trying them to get that perfect look. You can add that look to favorite, share with your friends and even pin it to Pinterest.

This app comes with other useful features such as:

a) Outfits: This section is has many pre defined categories such as Work, Weekend, Party, Holidays and many more.  You can even add your own categories. Organize your clothes within these categories by taking pictures and saving details of each outfit.

b) Random Styler: The app can come up with its own will by showing you a random style when you are not in mood to make the style urself. Just select categories and the app will show you a combination that you can try.

c) Favorites: You can mark your looks created by Style Me as favorites to access them easily next time.

d) Calendar:  The looks created in Style Me can be saved to calendar to access them later easily thus creating a perfect look book that you can follow next time. Also this helps you to check what you wore on a particular day to avoid repeating.

e) Holiday Packer:  Going on a holiday?  Create your packing list right in the app instead of downloading another app. What makes this app much more special is that it uses real-time weather data to help you pick your best outfits for current weather conditions of the place you are planning to go. Just mark the clothes you want to take with you on your trip and create the list easily.

f) Laundry: You can even mark your clothes which are in laundry and also check them at one place thus keeping track of your outfits.

g) Data Backup and Restore: You can take backup of your outfits data and store them on Dropbox. So migrating your data from one device to another is easy so now you don’t need to worry on losing your data entered or transferring it to another device.

Isn’t this app amazing?  Download today your fashion stylist from the app store here :  Closet Love.
This app works for both men and women. Get this app today and start styling.

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