We all get excited, when it comes to food as it has become the first priority these days. And we all love to eat. Ain’t we?

From the classic “Thalis” that consist of full way supper, to concept-based eating joints and roadside food stalls that serve the best cuisine at an affordable price, people over the universe has eating out options aplenty.

But all goes in vain, if the food-joint business doesn’t run successfully. We put forth the delectable way to market your food truck.

Best Quality Food + No social media marketing = No customers ~ Loss in business

Facebook – FoodStreet group

There is a group on facebook name “FoodStreet” where you can share anything related to food such as food tips, food photography, recipes, ideas and much more.  Another unique feature of this group is, they promote one of the food truck from the globe on every Thursday. They post the information regarding the best food served there, owner’s information, history and other several things.

Additionally it is pinned for 1 week in the group. As a result, people will come to know about the many food truck that are existed on the planet.

However, the admin of foodstreet group has strictly banned the promotional content and spamming. Those who spam are removed from the group.


How you can promote?

It is very quick and easy. Just you need to mail at [email protected] and share your truck’s information. All these is done at a very minimum cost.

On promoting in this way, your mobile cuisine’s visibility will increase fast and at a low price; And they also promote your Food-truck on other social media sites such as Google+ , twitter and many others. Isn’t it interesting and effortless?

According to me, this is the best way to promote. You can also promote it via GoogleAds, but charges are too high. If you are interested, contact us soon on [email protected] and JOIN US ON :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/gofoodstreet/
Twitter : @gofoodstreet