Are you using MacBook or any other Mac system with development tools or developing apps? Then you may definitely get an issue with speed. Although usually Mac systems are configured with minimum 4 GB ram still it sometimes stucks while doing multitasking.

Consider a case while you are developing application & you will need to test the application on a simulator that will be a tidy process. You might do close unnecessary apps or sometimes have to even close the apps which you really need to keep open for making the system run smoothly.

We often consider open apps who takes more ram usage but we forget that there are some hidden activities which also consumes lots of memory & due to that system gets hanged or sometimes becomes unresponsive or stuck in the spinner loading.


There are few simple tricks you should try out to make your mac system runs smoother with just a couple of steps,


  • The first option is you have to check & understand the possible memory usage on your system. Like you are using advanced development tools like Xcode, Studio or Movie maker like tools requires more memory. So at the time its wise to upgrade your ram with at least 8 GB. That will be more than enough for run multitasking or developing tools run smoothly without any interruption.
  • If you think dashboard tools are not frequently used than remove it. To remove it go to System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Select Dashboard dropdown & make it off
  • If you are using the browser then close unnecessary tabs. Some of the sites with continues and flows may consume more memory usage & can slow down your system process
  • You can see which process is taking more memory from the Activity Monitor option. Find Activity Monitor from finder & open it. See below screenshot how it shows which process taking how much memory.

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  • Make sure keep your system updated with new updates provided by the apple. Keep all your software up to date. As new versions always release with the bug improvements so that might help your system to run smoothly
  • Keep removing cache files from browser & keep it clean as cache files consume lots of memory.
  • Remove unused or unnecessary files & folders from disk & keep disk clean
  • Keep the trash clean. Users often doing this mistakes by removing the files but not removing it permanently. So as it’s in the trash it will still consume your disk space so logically the file is still in your system but in a trash folder. So keep cleaning trash folder as well.
  • Don’t save any files directly on a desktop. Keep always all the files in the documents folder
  • Make sure you don’t have any apps in your application folder which are not in use at all. That takes unnecessary space on your disk.
  • Don’t use any visual effects. By default on mac visual effects are enabled. That doesn’t make any sense if you have memory issues. Its better you make it off. Go to System Preferences -> Dock & untick Magnification. Also, change Minimise effect from Genie to Scale.

There are lots of software available in the market which offers to clean mac system & remove junk files, spam from the system. But I suggest the best way is to do it manually. As these are the automated systems & sometimes at taking remove important system file & keep you in more trouble.