On 18th of May 2013, Cyberlobe Technologies released an iPhone app – Tip Tax Discount Calculator to millions of Apple lovers across the globe. Again we repeat our ideology of business innovation which covers maximum to maximum people from all around the world.

During our study we found different Tip, sales tax and discount calculator apps however this app is completely different. This app combines all the 3 important calculators into a single app so you can avoid downloading three different apps for calculating tip, discount or tax.

One more unique feature this app carries is now you can store your records of calculation for future reference.

Tip Calculator: Tips calculator enables you to calculate tip on your restaurant bill amount. You just need to judge overall services by restaurant & move tip slider accordingly. App calculates your tip and adds it on bill amount.

Are you in a group? Divide your total bill amount by selecting no of persons and per person amount is calculated in nanoseconds.

Tax Calculator:  Quickly calculate tax on your purchase amount using this calculator.

Discount Calculator: This app will be helpful when you want to calculate discount on your bill. Just select discount option (% or $) & enter the value in discount field. App calculates discount amount & deduct from total bill amount.

Device & iOS: App is fully compatible with both iPhone & iPad devices with the latest iOS 6.

Pricing & Availability: App is totally FREE for all.

Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tip-tax-discount-calculator/id644904252?mt=8