It had been a stressful month for the team working on this awesome app and finally it’s the show time now. On 20th February Cyberlobe released a universal app designed especially for women. The team feels great to share with you their experience about creating this app. So let’s begin the journey…


The Name !!!

We wanted a very catchy name for the app as picking the right name can make all the difference. The marketing guys and the slogan developers really worked hard to get the first step going and all settled for a unique name – “What’s In My Bag”.


The Concept !!!

Every app is premeditated to solve or ease a problem. For us the problem statement was very simple – How can we make women more efficient and organized?

A women’s purse is the most valued thing she carries with her. Her handbag or purse has everything she needs or likes – wallet, keys, licenses, diaries, make up essentials, hair ties, pins and much more. Women can fit a surprising amount of stuffs in her bag. The real problem starts when she wants to find anything from that big purse. It becomes a real pain for her to check whether that item exists in her purse or not.

“What’s In My Bag” app helps to keep track of items in her bag. With this app she can make a list of items in her bag. The items are saved along with a picture of it and a tag. Whenever she wants to find or check anything she can use this app to quickly glance at what is present and what is missing in her purse. In this way she can avoid embarrassing situations where she has to juggle with her bag in public to check for the thing to be present.


Features that make the app special !!!


The app comes with an amazing camera feature. This feature helps to crop multiple item images from a single captured image. This avoids taking picture individually of the items. Just take a single picture and cut out the items from it. The list will be populated automatically. Saves time, isn’t it?

Striking Design

The app is designed keeping the women in mind. It took very long to conclude on the design of the app as we needed it to be very beautiful and stunning, yet easy to use.The graphics and UI of the app are just amazing and support the Retina display. The app creates a matchless experience to use.The app design is highly feminine giving it that girly look and a special feeling, which every woman would love to use.


There is a quick tutorial present in the app which guides you on how to use the app.






Device and iOS

Designed universally, use the app on both iPhone and iPad with the latest iOS and device.


Pricing and Availability

What’s In My Bag is available on the App store for FREE

Download the app from the iTunes or visit our App page.