Promo videos are those which give you an insight into the product or service being marketed. Today videos have become a must when you think of internet marketing. With the new technologies and graphics enhancement there are some excellent examples of promotional videos around. People spend tons of money on marketing and videos are an excellent tool for promotion. I am sharing with you some nice and cool promo videos you will enjoy watching.

1. Honda Accord

This video showcases Honda Accord chain of parts colliding with each other similar to a Rube Goldberg machine. Cog is a British television and cinema advertisement launched by Honda in 2003 to promote Accord cars. The promo guys have done an amazing job filming this video.

2. Best App for Women – What’s In My Bag

This video promotes an iPhone app – What’s In My Bag. The promo video takes you to the journey of app introduction, its features and download links. The use of colors, after effects, text animations and graphics is neatly and wisely used. The best part of the video is it explains everything in just 1:11 minutes. The video creates a great experience through its animation. Enjoy the video.

3. Office 2013 Promo Video

This video introduces Office 2013 through a simple yet effective video. The video uses a series of kinetic typography text animations – rotating text, sliding text and graphics. The background music is quite endearing. The video is as cool as the product.

4. Ease My Wardrobe

The video gets into your head at the first look due to its cool animation and graphics. The video is short, effective and does a great job of engaging users to watch the video till its end. The video promotes the iPhone app for organizing your closet. It shows the features of the app along with how it solves a customer’s problem.

5. Cadbury Eyebrows

It’s a very old video but has 10,049,532 views till now. It’s into the list of one of the best marketing videos. You will enjoy the music and the eyebrows of the kids dancing. How much are the kids talented.

6. Uppidy Epipheo

This is a fully animated app promo video for Uppidy app. The video promotes the iPhone app for a new way of texting but has a amazing animation effects. Simple and effective.

So here were some of the few excellent promo videos I shared with you. The list is very long and interesting. Promo videos are the best tool when you want to reach to hearts of your customers. It has now become a very important tool of online marketing where the old SEO has started to vanish.