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Workflow therapy for an occupational therapy clinic - Case study

Our client runs an occupational therapy network, and juggled complex patient data across multiple systems. Cyberlobe integrated their clinical tools with a cloud-based system, created standard operating procedures, and secured a grant to fund it. We boosted their operational efficiency by 25%, and they’ve never delivered better care. 

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The challenge

Our client leads one of British Columbia’s biggest occupational therapy networks, with ten offices across their service area. They’ve won accolades from ICBC and WorkSafe BC, but their world-class reputation masked a quiet challenge: their case management game was struggling. Like, big time.  

Before working with Cyberlobe, they relied on multiple platforms to manage clinical documents, non-confidential patient data, and internal operations. 150 manual invoices per day were a thing, but standard operating procedures (SOPs) weren’t. This meant higher costs, more wasted time, and complex data governance—and nobody wants that. Worse yet, our client’s existing systems weren’t integrated, and key clinical facilities were getting double-booked. 

That’s when they tagged us in.


increase in operational Consistency


increase in client case management efficiency


increase in operational efficiency


Reduction in data management complexity

Our solutions

Cyberlobe gave their workflows some much-needed love. We created SOPs, established a regular review schedule, and made them super visible. Our team brought in a curated set of tools for optimizing document management, room booking, and HR management. No data got left behind, either—our consultants brought their existing case notes and paperwork into the new system. 


Our room booking solution automated bookings and provided real-time visibility over room availability. Plus, the HR management system Cyberlobe set up centralized employee onboarding, performance management, leave tracking, and payroll. 

Why have eight tools when you can have one simple system? 


The results

Cyberlobe’s solutions sent those dreaded double bookings packing for good. Improvisation became codified process, and the SOPs we developed led to a 60% increase in operational consistency. They also increased case management efficiency by 40% and reduced each patient case’s complexity by 35%. 

By consolidating all their case information in one place, Cyberlobe drove a 35% reduction in data management complexities. The consulting team could feel everyone’s brain cells breathing a literal sigh of relief. 

Our solutions led to a 25% increase in operational efficiency, and now, their systems match their stellar reputation.

Take it from their team, though 

“Our IT infrastructure was aging fast. Cyberlobe learned our business and our challenges, and modernized all our digital systems. We highly recommend Cyberlobe, and would work with them again in the future.”

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Owner, Occupational Therapy Network 

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