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Smarter, faster operations for a market intelligence agency - Case study

Our client is a marketing research firm whose brilliant work was stifled by time-sucking operations. Cyberlobe fine-tuned their CRM system, streamlined their time-tracking and payroll, and built templated products to expand their revenue streams. Cha-ching: that’s what a 35% increase in operational efficiency sounds like.

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The challenge

Our client is a B-corp specializing in market assessments, strategic planning, and research support. They’d expanded to a team of 11 remote employees, but struggled to scale their customized services. Plus, they had operational blockers eating up valuable time everyday. We get it: who among us hasn’t had a love-hate relationship with a CRM? 

Bespoke research work is valuable, but it’s hard to scale. By only offering tailored market analytics, our client was missing out on other customer segments. Plus, their CRM didn’t automate any of the sales pipeline, which meant lots of phone calls that could’ve been emails. Employees manually tracked their own hours in spreadsheets, and their payroll calculation was prone to human errors. 

That’s when they called us in.


reduction in
accounting data entry


reduction in
sales cycle time


increase in
operational efficiency


increase in
lead conversion rate

Our solutions

First, Cyberlobe built workflows in Hubspot CRM to make their sales hands-off. We’re talking lead tracking, automatic onboarding questionnaires, and email remarketing flows. Then, we set up an AR/AP automation tool that extracts account data right from our client’s mailbox, and a data automation tool turns every bill into a bookkeeping entry. 

With the foundations set, we helped our client expand. Cyberlobe developed a library of report templates for common requests, and set up an e-learning platform for market intelligence training. We even helped them lead an SEO and social media campaign to boost their web ranking, too. Now, the top of their sales funnel is wider, their offers are simple but diversified, and they’re delivering value all the way through closing.


The Results

Oooh, these were tasty. The templatized reports and an e-learning platform Cyberlobe set up created a 30% increase in revenue streams, and our marketing campaigns boosted brand visibility by 25%. Our CRM automations improved the client’s lead tracking and sales, leading to a 40% reduction in sales cycle time and a 20% lift in lead conversion rates.

Our client’s backend results were wild, too. Cyberlobe’s library of report templates drove a 50% increase in reporting efficiency. The AR/AP and data extraction automations reduced manual data entry by 80%, so their accounting’s all streamlined. Setting up time-tracking tools was a major win, too—they reduced manual efforts by 70%. All in all, we increased our client’s operational efficiency by 35%. (Love love love that.)

Take it from their team, though 

“Cyberlobe got our business processes three times faster, migrated our workspace from one domain to another, and implemented Hubspot CRM,, and an e-learning platform, for the team. Plus, they even got us a CDAP grant which helped fund our digital transformation!” 

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President, Marketing Intelligence Firm

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