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Case Studies

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Market intelligence agency digital transformation case study

Our client is a marketing research firm whose brilliant work was stifled by time-sucking operations. Cyberlobe fine-tuned their CRM system, streamlined their time-tracking and payroll, and built templated products to expand their revenue streams. Cha-ching: that’s what a 35% increase in operational efficiency sounds like.

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occupational therapy clinic consulting

Occupational therapy digital transformation case study

Our client runs an occupational therapy network, and juggled complex patient data across multiple systems. Cyberlobe integrated their clinical tools with a cloud-based system, created standard operating procedures, and secured a grant to fund it. We boosted their operational efficiency by 25%, and they’ve never delivered better care.

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erp manufacturing

Filter Manufacturer digital transformation case study

Our client runs an industrial filter manufacturing plant, and spent an eternity processing each order. Cyberlobe implemented an ERP that helped automate data entry—and reduced both our client’s average order time and inventory management errors by 40%. They’ll never do business the same way, and we love to see it.

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Cyberlobe is a tech-agnostic consultancy that helps growing businesses run like an absolute dream. We’ll guide you through vendor selection, provide strategic guidance, and take tricky setup tasks off your plate. (Love that for you.)
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