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CRM Integration & Implementation: Personalized Outreach, Zero Grunt Work

Your CRM can save you hours, but only if you’re using it right. Our consultants will help you automate sales tasks, so you can collect data and send personalized emails in your sleep. All you’ll have to do is talk to leads, ‘cause the CRM will handle the rest.

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Leads want individual attention, and CRMs make that scalable

Old school isn’t effective anymore. Many businesses have done partial CRM integrations, but haven’t made your CRM earn its keep. You might be collecting data from leads but then following up manually, for example. But each time you do work a CRM can automate, you’re losing money (and brain cells.)

CRM integrations and automatizations are smart business, and we love setting them up. Cyberlobe’s consulting team will help you find the right vendor, automate lead management, and corral your sales data into one place. You’ll cut down on work and deliver sales with a personalized touch—isn’t that the dream?

Let’s automate your
whole customer journey

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Use every inch of your CRM

We’ll help you make full use of your CRM, or get you set up for the first time.

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Take the grunt work out of closing

We’ll create automations for mind-numbing sales tasks, so you can focus on the human parts that close deals.

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Unclog your sales funnel

We’ll help you track blockers in your sales funnel, so you can keep leads opening their wallets.

How we'll support you



We’ll identify gaps and opportunities in your current CRM strategy.


CRM Implementation

We’ll create automations, integrate new systems, and train you up. 



You’ll master your CRM, personalize your customer journey, and drive more sales.



We helped a market intelligence firm achieve a 35% increase in operational efficiency by implementing a CRM

Take it from their team, though 

“Cyberlobe helped us master our CRM, manage workflows, and offer new services through an e-learning platform. They fixed ongoing IT issues that were plaguing our team, and helped us get a CDAP grant to fund our business transformation. They’re very responsive, and they always deliver work on time.”

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Owner, Market Intelligence Firm

We can make
this happen
for you, too

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Cyberlobe is a tech-agnostic consultancy that helps growing businesses run like an absolute dream. We’ll guide you through vendor selection, provide strategic guidance, and take tricky setup tasks off your plate. (Love that for you.)
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