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Supporting businesses brings us so much life. Everyday, Cyberlobe’s team helps a roster of leading firms lock into grooves and build tech routines they’ve only ever dreamed of. That’s why we’re here. 

Our mission is to empower SMEs in need of technology direction by offering expert consulting services through virtual, part-time, or fractional CIO/CTO support. We aim to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation while saving costs on hiring full-time executives.

As independent consultants, we thrive on being tech agnostic and adaptable to the unique needs of each client. From manufacturers seeking efficiency improvements to wellness clinics aiming for secure client data migration, we have successfully served clients across a wide range of industries.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the impact that technology can have when utilized effectively.

So when you’re ready to hit the gas, come to talk to us. 

Meet the leadership team

Jaikishan Prithiani (JP)
Jaikishan Prithiani (JP) Strategy, Technology, Fractional CIO/CTO
Everyone calls Cyberlobe’s CEO Jai—or JP. He’s one of Canada’s most in-demand tech consulting experts, and fractional CTO. Whether it's optimizing operations or overseeing technology, JP is the man for the job.
When he’s not on-call, you’ll catch JP watching cricket with the fam. He hustles hard, but stays balanced: Jai’s always down to share a glass of single malt after work. 
Hirva Prithiani
Hirva Prithiani Marketing, Operations & Executions
Co-founder Hirva heads up all Cyberlobe’s marketing and operations projects. She’s led implementations and launches for over 15 years. Hirva’s energy makes businesses move, no matter the industry. 
Beyond her work as a generalist, Hirva’s a dedicated literature and sci-fi fan. On any given weekend, you’ll find her curled up with a good book and some masala chai. (Digital transformation is hard work!) 

The on-demand experts who’ll back you up

Dipesh Jhamb
Dipesh Jhamb Part-time, Fractional SAP Consultant
Meet Dipesh, the SAP guru with a zest for life! With over 15 years of experience, he expertly expanded and led projects, specializing in SAP Cloud Implementations with a focus on optimization and cost savings. He holds certification in SAP OS/DB Migration, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Google Cloud Infrastructure. When not immersed in the world of technology, he can be found on the lookout for a good Stout to savor.
Aashil Shah
Aashil Shah Part-time, Fractional CISO
With a proven track record of safeguarding digital assets and mitigating risks in complex environments, Aashil specialises in developing and implementing robust security measures. Dedicated to staying ahead of emerging threats, he continuously enhance security postures through proactive measures and collaboration with cross-functional teams.
Sanjana R
Sanjana R Business Analyst
With a diverse background as a project analyst, and adept navigator of customer-faced businesses, she brings the best of the engineering and business worlds to the table. Beyond work, catch her reeling in cinematic world, hitting dance floor, and embracing outdoors.
Shewani G
Shewani G Lead Project Coordinator
Shewani has a deep background in market research, computer science, and IT implementation. When you need that rare blend of tech, strategy and business savvy, call her for backup. (We do it everyday.)
Oluwaseun Adigun
Oluwaseun Adigun Admin, Marketing
With about three years of experience, Oluwaseun is a dependable professional with experience providing administrative, organizational, and customer service support in virtual environments. Her favorite pastime remains watching Kdramas and she hopes to become consistent with working out this year.

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Cyberlobe is a tech-agnostic consultancy that helps growing businesses run like an absolute dream. We’ll guide you through vendor selection, provide strategic guidance, and take tricky setup tasks off your plate. (Love that for you.)
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