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Filtering out workflow waste for a filter manufacturer

Our client runs an industrial filter manufacturing plant, and spent an eternity processing each order. Cyberlobe implemented an ERP that helped automate data entry—and reduced both our client’s average order time and inventory management errors by 40%. They’ll never do business the same way, and we love to see it.

You can do it, too

The Challenge

Our client has been selling air purifier products for over 90 years, and picks up new customers through in-home presentations. They wow people with cutting-edge cyclonic action tech… but their ordering process didn’t have the same energy. Before we came in, our client was taking orders by phone—and manually inputting customer and order data. (Oof.)

Sales were strong, but customer acquisition was a headache stacked on top of a headache. 25 minutes: that’s how long each order took over the phone. After closing sales, they’d manually enter customer data into three separate systems, which ate up even more time. They knew they were prime candidates for workflow automation, but didn’t have time or in-house experts to lead it. 

That’s where we came in.


less time for
label creation


less inventory


reduction in
time per order


saved per week on

20 mins

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Our Solutions

Cyberlobe’s integrations untangled the Gordian knot at the center of their sales cycle.
They needed to connect their accounting, CRM, shipping, and payment systems, and automate, automate, automate. Our consultants audited their existing workflows and found the solution: an ERP that synced customer info across the CRM system, payment gateway and shipping portal.
Bye bye, data entry—nobody’s gonna miss you. 

The ERP we rolled out allowed them and their vendors to share information easily.
Our team set up an integration with Canada Post, which removed the need to manually generate shipping labels for orders. Labeling’s automatic now, like it always should’ve been.
Cyberlobe also centralized reporting, so all the information they need is in one place. And of course, we trained them ‘til they’d mastered every new tool.


The Results

Insights from Cyberlobe’s consulting led to a 40% reduction in both order creation time and inventory errors. The automated shipping label creation alone saved 20 minutes off each order, which meant time savings of 40+ hours per week. At $50/hour, that’s $2000 per week back in the bank. 

More business, more orders, less headaches, less mistakes—that’s the dream, right?


Take it from their team, though 

“The team at Cyberlobe was outstanding in their communication and made the entire process seamless. They took the time to understand our business needs and their plan for our accounting, CRM, shipping, and payment systems completely transformed the way we operate.”


Owner, Filter Manufacturing Firm

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these are just
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