The world goes digital, around 80% consumers use the web to search product or service. In order to generate more sales or reach a wider audience, every business needs a professional website. But the job is not done by building a website, your website must have online visibility in order to bring traffic on your site. Website traffic is the core basic of making money online. Website traffic will turn into customers that leads to sales. Here are the several ways to generate more traffic on your website.

Social Media channels

Social media is a gateway to reach a wider audience. It is one of the best way to generate traffic to your website. You can use social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+, linkedin, instagram that allow you to share content for your visitors or interested people. You can use social media sharing buttons on your site with regard to encourage visitors to share your content. By using these channels, you can get more users to your website and maximize your brand awareness too.

Monitor your website traffic

You must have a close eye on your analytics data, to know how your site is doing. By using website analytics tool, you will get great help for your online marketing strategies further. Among all, the most popular and trusted tool is SumoMe. It’s a suite of free tools that will show you how your website performs online. You will get complete information about your website without leaving your site. These free Plugin involves tools such as image sharer, content analytics, Google analytics, scroll box, highlighter that help you make your website SEO friendly.


This is so easy to understand, that we are going first to advertise our business to increase sales. Paid strategy is one of the straight way to market your product online. Social media advertising, paid campaign through search network or display network are the great examples for paid campaign. You can generate quality traffic to your website by adjusting paid strategies.

Responsive web design

The number of mobile addicts is increasing, Ensure that your website is accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices (desktops, tablets or smartphones). You will be surprised to know that for most sites, 30% of their traffic is from mobile. You can also concern Professional website development company that help you build responsive website.

Email marketing

One of the most powerful way, email marketing will perform a great role to generate new consumers. There are many email marketing tools available online, that help you increase your daily sign ups. You can use the SumoMe WordPress plugin for your website, it’s list builder tool will convert new visitors into email subscribers that help you increase traffic by returning them to your site.

Write a blog

A blog is an important key to boost traffic to your website. You can start posting blogs to implement your service and to execute your offers. You can use SEO tool that help you write quality content. You will get more options such as guest blogging, leave a comment, sign up to answer websites, commenting and RSS feed to boost your traffic through blogging. A blog post will make your site in the timeline, create backlinks and improve your site rank in the search engines.

Use these valuable tools in running your business smartly!