Creating single view application with hello word is easy with just a few steps. Below are described steps for starting up native application development in iOS with simple Hello word application.

  • Open Xcode from application folder or find it from finder & open it
  • Directly click create Project or select from file -> New -> Project
  • Now it will ask for to choose a template for the project. Select SingleView App & click next

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  • Next step is to set app name, bundle name & select Language. Check below screenshot.
  • In product name add your application name as you wish. It will be editable later on.
  • Select Team from a drop-down. By default, the team will be your system admin name
  • Type organization name. If you are an individual developer you can add your name or company name
  • Now the most important part is Language selection. Note that once you selected Language than it will not be editable later on. So it becomes more important to think about the future scope of the application & choose the language.
  • You can tick below check marks for Use core data & unit tests depending on required usage during the development. We will keep it unticked as it’s not required in the application right now
  • Once all fields fill up properly then click next.
  • Now it will ask to choose a path. Select location where you would like to save the project source
  • An application is now ready for the development you can start making simple controls on it & run it on a simulator for testing
  • Below the full video for creating simple single view hello word application