Yes! We’d be happy to share with all of you our experience and the results of this unique website creation workshop. Feeling great to be among and work with enthusiastic participants.

Our workshop leader, Mr. Jaykishan Prithiani and supporting technical professionals were super excited for this brilliant website workshop. Our valuable participants, who comes from different fields such as medical and technical were all set to be a part of DIY website workshop. It was a very interactive workshop and was followed by a practice session. Our goal behind this workshop is to utilize free time of newbies and startups to pick up new skills and to give their business a new identity.

Check out to know what activities we have done, how we were going through during the 2 day website workshop and to make it successful :

Day 1:

This 2 day event was started on 7th May 2016, Saturday. With the fresh start at 9 o’clock in the morning, participants were served with notepad, pen to write notes. In the first day morning session, Mr. Jaykishan-a WordPress expert were introduced ‘what is WordPress and how it works’ to the participating members.

He shared his knowledge and guide participants by giving examples of different WordPress website layouts in order to make them familiar to the topic. Not only about WordPress, we have provided the fundamental concept of SEO and blogging that help individuals to make a more efficient website. In short, all aspects had been covered in details and in perfection of being a world class website.

After the lunch session, participants were working on their website concept and they all were prepared a layout. They were enjoying a lot making website themselves. Our technical supporters were available, to help them and to solve out related queries. This is how, we were successfully complete the first day of Website Creation Workshop and participants were reached the half way on learn how to create a website.

Day 2:

On 2nd Day, we were moving forward to expand their knowledge by giving a brief introduction to the header section, general setting, navigation, module, theme customization,  must have WordPress Plugin etc. In the second half, the participant was stepped forward to complete their website by using additional features, that explained in the morning session. At the end of the event, participants were requested to fill the feedback form, which helping us understand what we do well and what improvements we need to implement in our next workshop. All in all, it was a rewarding event!

One of our participants, Ms. Bhavika Prajapati has shared her experience on ‘Ahmedabad mirror’ during this summer weekend workshop. Check out what she said, “learning to create a website in two days is more than just a challenge for me. Sitting at home during vacations is fun, but doing something for your future is even better. I got to know about this two-day workshop being conducted by Cyberlobe Technologies and couldn’t stop myself from attending it. I am interested in WordPress and the offer given to the participants is worth taking up. I plan on making a career ahead in WordPress, which is why I feel, this workshop will guide me in making a website of my own.“

We will come soon with new concepts and fresh ideas with the goal that benefits to our participating members.

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