We are fully aware, latest iPhone 6s Plus released before a couple of months. And now, the next Gen Phone release date have reached our ears that Apple likely to unveil iPhone 7 on September 2016.

iPhone 7 is already pick eagerly awaited additions to the 2016 smartphone roster. Due to impatient nature of the tech industry, supply chain sources are starting to shed some light on what we expect from next Apple handset. As leaks and announcements moving forward , buzzing the tech world with the news that Apple along with the Beats team is actually working on a completely cord-free pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for the iPhone 7. This wireless earphones will be called ‘Airpods’.

Apple airpodsAccording to Apple insider, Apple is about to discard the heaphone jack totally. There will be probably two choices availabe, either user can use wireless bluetooth headphones or can use paired airpods that connected to device through the lightening port. As media sources says, Apple is working with Beats Electronics to develop “truly wireless” earphones means will feature no wires between the left and the right earbuds. The most famous smarphone company gearing up to eliminate the 3.5mm plug by launching Airpods. In addition, we also get news that reported an update on the iOS Develoment of the iPhone 7.

So, we can clearly say that it must be more excited to experience wire free audio through first lightening connected headphones, isnt it! Take part of the great conversation on the topic of new tech gen by sharing your reviews and dropping comments.