If you are thinking to build apps, probably your very 1st decision to take is which OS to choose for: iOS from Apple or Android from Google. It is obvious that the App Store is a great pillar for iOS. Provides content, quality and safety, no doubt iOS is the largest applications store in the world. Android is gaining its position to the top of the market.


These two when combined have more than 95 percent of market share in the category of smart phones, making them the most favorite platforms. But even biggest brands like Twitter and Yahoo have released iOS applications at first; Android is dominating the current market. So how would you decide which platform to take when building your mobile app? We have shared some major tips that will be going to help you make the right decision:

Earnings vs. Visibility

Android offers greater visibility based on the no. of market. For instance, the WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application is available free on Android for 1st year to attract massive traction, while iOS costs $0.99.

You need to develop a strategy to achieve a balance between profits and visibility. After all, as more visibility you have, the greater your chance of monetization.

Take advantage of the fragmentation

Seize the fragmentation is a known fact that developing on Android platform isn’t an easy task as there are more than 400 types of devices that should be planned to schedule. Apple has been on the bright side of this curve, with only 4 different types of iPhones and iPads. However, with the launch of iOS 7 in September 2013, Apple is falling fragmentation route, offering different features for different devices.

So, for instance, if your app integrates the latest features of iOS 7, it won’t be available for people who have the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S but only for new iPhone 5 and 5s users. So it is important that you create an app that addresses a particular operating system, especially in the case of Android devices where segmentation is higher.

Understand Customer usage

First consider whether your client is a user of iTunes services or of Google services like Gmail, Google Maps/Calendar or Google Now. For instance, a GTasks app is a task management application that also works with Google accounts and integrates fine with Gmail, Maps, Calendar and Google Now.

Another fact to consider is the categories of ‘popular app’ on both platforms. In iOS, according to a recent study, users between 25 and 34 years of ages, the most popular categories are sports and health, followed by lifestyle and shopping as well as music and entertainment. On the other hand, some of the most popular categories are entertainment and books on Android.

Consider these things for Android app development

  • Get as much information about your user
  • Go where the users are

Consider getting as much of information possible about the user to determine how Android platform is right for them. Do not be misled by information in certain media that favor one system over another. Go to where your customers are.

So don’t lose your vital customers & plan to make an excellent app for your business now. Contact us for further details on developing apps for Android.